We have been established as a charter member of The Royal Canadian Legion since May 1949.  In the past, it was necessary for a membership applicant to have had a family member in the Canadian armed forces, either actively deployed or serving in past conflicts. 


Today, we welcome all persons with a Canadian citizenship to apply for membership and invite those who have completed their immigrant status to become active members.  Annual dues are required and membership cards are issued yearly.  Our members include a diverse representation of individuals from Lynden and surrounding communities, and we actively engage with all local organizations. 


We are a not-for-profit organization, supporting veterans and their dependents.  We are governed by national by-laws and hold membership-based, bi-annual elections for a working executive and officers for our Branch.  Monthly executive meetings, to which the general memership is invited, and one annual general meeting allow members full access to the operation of our Branch and we invite all interested members to support our many activities. 

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